40 before 40

This is my list of forty things to do before I turn forty, hence 40 before 40.

A pre-forty bucket list if you like…as I write I am 37, nearly 38.

There is no order or priority to the list, nor any ulterior motive to doing the things on the list, it’s just a list of 40 things I want to do before I’m 40…simple as that!

20130916 033726 PM 40 before 40
So here they are;
1. Take the whole family skiing
2. Offer my time more often – find time to help & not be too busy
3. Visit the West coast of Scotland (whale watching)
4. Take part in Great North Run – Done! See here
5. Find time to read a book
6. Go to more gigs - Doing…info to follow!
7. Write an article for the local newspaper on why I love where I live
8. Make home-brew beers & wines
9. Go fishing more often (with the kids) & catch more fish – Doing it & loving it!
10. Learn to roller blade
11. Eat out more often (with the wife)
12. Blog at least once a week- Doing it! See here
13. Make a den
14. Take park in ‘Movember’ – on it! See here
15. Get more tattoos
16. Successfully detox for a whole month
17. Get involved with local wildlife/waterways charity’s
18. Narrow boat holiday
19. Run the London Marathon ( or any marathon if I fail in the ballot)
20. Write my will
21. Learn to solve the Rubik’s cube (like those cocky folk that can)
22. Print more photographs
23. Lose the beer gut
24. Give blood – booked a date, more info to follow! icon smile 40 before 40
25. Clear the loft – donate/sell the hoarded junk
26. Throw more house parties
27. Write a book
28. Hike the Yorkshire three peaks
29. Visit at least one Capital City per year that I have never visited before
30. Try camping
31. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours
32. Play guitar more (or at least try to)
33. Enjoy football more & don’t take it so seriously
34. Have a night out & stay over in Haworth
35. Get over 1000 followers on twitter – I have 542 as I write
36. Own my own business doing something I enjoy (either part or full time) – Back on it! (in spare time) See here
37. Try ice-skating
38. Send cards regularly (Birthdays, anniversaries & general occasions – I’m terrible)
39. Get a BMX and ride it often- Doing…info to follow!
40. Learn Spanish

I will keep you posted to as & when I am able to cross these off of the list.

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